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И. Ф. Кононов. Эпистемология концепта «гибридная война»

The article makes an attempt for epistemological analysis of the concept of hybrid warfare. This experience is conditioned by the problem which was identified in recent years. In the studies of modern wars, several names were proposed for their invariant content (waramongthepeople, warsofthethirdkind, privatizedwar, postmodernwarsandsoon), but in the public discourse the term «hybrid warfare» has become the most common. Russian-Ukrainian war in the Donbass has contributed to its wide outspread. In Ukraine, the concept of «hybrid warfare» has acquired ideological meaning. The mysteriousness of hybridism is covering commercial component of military confrontation, and is being used for resolving domestic political problems both in Ukraine and in Russia.

The article shows that the concept of «hybrid warfare» is of American origin. Coming into sight as a technical term it became an integral part of the rationale for exporting democracy under George W. Bush. The concept of modernization became a methodological basis for such understanding of the hybrid warfare. In the operations under conditions of «hybrid warfare» military units had to combine purely military and humanitarian tasks contributing to the establishing of Western-like institutions in the «failing states». Official Ukrainian ideologists have currently created entire metaphysics of hybrid warfare, with the civilizational approach as an internal component of the concept. On the one hand, it is assumed that hybrid warfare is not a local, but a global phenomenon that has come to replace the Cold War. It leads to the chaos of international relations. The source of this chaos is Russia’s policy, and, which is more - Russia as a civilizational entity. This translates the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine into an insoluble conflict of values. In this case Russia is portrayed as a «Horde» civilization, hostile to the whole world, whereas Ukraine is depicted as a bastion of the Western civilization system.

In modern Russia, the concept of «hybrid warfare» is firmly tied to the concept of «color revolutions» and viewed as aggression of the West against Russian civilization. Translating certain conflicts into the value plane also makes them insoluble by rational means. The article reveals that the epistemology of «hybrid warfare» is immersed into the interests of the ruling classes of the consolidated West, Russia and Ukraine. This concept performs a camouflage function. In fact behind it there is a phenomenon,which in the article we called «bourgeois Blanquism». Its genesis is associated with uprising of such social stratum as transnational bourgeoisie, where there was a belief that the desired changes can be caused in any country by investing enough money.

Human resources for such activities are drawn from the precarious environment, especially among young people deprived of real life prospects. Such young people become activists-mercenaries of NGOs created by representatives of the transnational bourgeoisie, and in some countries armed groups of opposing political organizations are formed from them. 

Ключові слова: гібридна війна; буржуазний бланкізм; транснаціональна буржуазія; США; Україна; Росія; Донбас; світова капіталістична система

Keywords: Hybrid warfare; bourgeois Blanquism; transnational bourgeoisie; USA; Ukraine; Russia; the Donbass; world capitalist system